Snowblowing is definitely a much faster way of removing snow from your lawn, compared to the backbreaking shovelling. By using a reliable snowblower, we should be able to avoid strain on our back and this should save a lot of time as well. When using the snowblower, the snow should be sucked up into a chute and we should be able to manually control the chute’s direction. It also means that you should be able to determine direction of the snow discharge. With a high quality snowblower model, you should be able to remove snow efficiently, provided that you keep the device in a perfect running order. Unfortunately, it’s something that we can’t achieve, because the snowblower could sit around in the shed or garage for months during spring, summer and fall.

If the snowfall is only a few weeks away, it should be the right time to pull out your snowblower. In this situation, it is possible that you have problem starting the snowblower up and it’s especially true if there’s little snow last winter, so you barely used the snowblower. In this case, you should make sure that the snowblower would be up and running for this winter. You need to check all parts that could cause problems. The spark plugs may not perform well, so you need to clean or replace them with fresh ones. It is certainly a bad idea to wait until the last minute. Other basic components that you should check are the oil and the quality of gasoline that you store since last year. The gas tank may collect some moisture during the storage period and the gasoline could start to have some amount of deposits.

There’s usually a bit of gasoline left in the tank and we should let run the snowblower to deplete the tank completely, before adding fresh fuel. You also need to check the oil level and top it off, if it’s low. It is impo9rtant that you choose the right type of oil based on the make and model of your snowblower. After the gas and oil have been topped off, you should pull the start-up string repeatedly, so the cylinders are fully coated with oil. When we do this, we should perform gentle pulls and we don’t need to actually run the snowblower. This is essential, because we need to lubricate the internal parts of the snowblower after months of not being used.

After we are sure that the engine is properly lubricated, we could start the snowblower immediately. We should let the snowblower runs for a few minutes to let the engine warms up. After we are sure that the engine is working well, we could focus on other things. As an example, we should check the auger system and lubricate it when necessary. We should be able to do this relatively easily by using an aerosol carburettor. When lubricating the auger, you should make sure that it’s not moving. If other parts of the snowblower need to be replaced, you should be able to buy them online.

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