There are different kinds of snowblower that you can choose. Many homeowners are wondering what kind of snowblower that they need to use. There are gas and electric varieties of snowblowers that you can find in the market. Each should make sense for your particular conditions. Unlike the gas variant, electric snowblower often comes with a cord, so you need to be in the range of nearby wall outlet. In many cases, you will also need an extension cord and you need to make sure that it’s durable. You should make sure to choose a snowblower that comes with cord clamp or hook, so the cable won’t get tangled. It is important to be aware that electric snowblower is usually less powerful than the gas variant.

It means that if you choose an electric snowblower, there should be no thick snow during the winter. Electric snowblower should be useful for clearing up to 4 inches high of fluffy and light snow. One benefit of choosing electric snowblowers is that they are usually more affordable than the gas-powered ones. During a power outage, you can’t use the electric snowblower, unless there’s an electric generator set at your home. Electric snowblowers are usually more practical in many situations. As an example, it will be more convenient to use electric snowblower on patio, decks, steps and porches. In these locations, the gas-powered model could be difficult to maneuver and too powerful for the job. One main concern about the gas powered models is that they often require more maintenance, such as gasoline fill ups, spark plugs cleaning and engine oil replacement.

Gas snowblowers often have multiple stages. It means that models with more stages usually have better snow clearing capability. If you want to clear only flat or paved surface, the basic gas-powered model should be sufficient. A two-stage snowblower should be more powerful and wider. It should have the ability to deal with snowdrifts, which are consisted of heavy, wet snow at up to 18 inch high. Also make sure that the auger doesn’t make any contact with the surface, so the snowblower can be used on rocky surfaces. However, it should work really well on paved, flat surfaces as well. In general, we need to make sure that they have great clearing performance. In some cases, you may need to an even more powerful beast with three-stage design. It is a good choice if your area is regularly subjected by heavy snow at about two feet high.

You should be able to clear between that is up to 30-inch wide. It will be a back breaking job if you want to clear compacted and near frozen snow using only shovels. Snowblower should be able to weaken compacted snow for further removal. In general, the type of snowblower you choose also depends on the type of snow that you have in the area. Each type of snowblower has its own advantage and drawback, so choose wisely.

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