Window tinting, most of us good people know about it and its advantages, and will mostly think about car window tinting. But increasingly many have come to realise that the very same benefits of car window tinting can easily be adapted to their homes. Home window tinting assists in increasing the protection of not only the health and comfort of the people living there, but also in safeguarding the interior of the home, cash savings by utilising less energy, and securing people’s privacy! (Not to forget boosting its aesthetics and making homes look classier!

  1. Reduction in Heat: Window tinting for the home or office has now become one of the most favoured and effective methods of cutting back on unwanted solar heat entering into the home and car through the windows. It can easily contribute up to an amazing 80% reduction in heat when compared to normal glass, and cools down sun-drenched areas in the home, office or vehicle.
  1. Farewell to Fading and Say Hello to Improved Health: Home or office window tinting will prohibit an amazing 99% of Ultra Violet rays, and at the very same time provide a reduction in heat. Your lovely furnishings will certainly appreciate the concern for their included well-being from any fading and tinting also provides a screen for your skin against any harmful effects of the sun’s rays.
  1. Boost in Security: Any kind of accident, environmental disaster or vandalism, can instantly transform a pane of glass into life threatening shards. With the application of home window and car tinting in Adelaide, this can simply be contained and act as a safety net, keeping the shattered glass in place.
  1. Glare Becomes a Thing of the Past: For annoying things such as direct sunlight, reflections from water, snow, or even neighbouring buildings, there is the perfect window film solution to help assist in cutting out any of their troublesome glare. Glare simply becomes a thing of yesterday!
  1. Savings on Power Bills: Nowadays, many designers, building engineers and architects, have become acutely aware of the reduction of temperature imbalances made by sunlight and is the very reason why they have recently been leaning towards window film. Reductions in the loss of heat will improve HVAC efficiency, and therefore lower power bills.
  1. Hello Privacy! If you have nosey neighbours or passers-by that can see directly into your home or vehicle, then simple window tinting provides an easy and effective solution that will still allow daylight into your home or car. Year round privacy can then be totally enjoyed, due to you being able to see out, but outsiders just can’t see in!
  1. Installation is No Big Deal: Installation by experts is simple and fast. There’s a minimum of disturbance to your daily lifestyle or schedule, and after a short while you’ll soon be enjoying all the great advantages of your brand new home window tint, in no time at all.

Don’t be surprised if your neighbours make enquiries!

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