Peek inside and try to make some of these natural fresheners, to introduce spring into your home…

Soon we will officially see the arrival of spring after a long winter… It is never too early for a little spring cleaning, as well as for organizing and making the house look neat for the warmer days. We have put together some easy ways to try out making air fresheners and make your home smell like spring!

1. Lemon and rosemary mix

For a subtle hint of spring with warm scents, try to mix fresh ingredients. Slice the lemons into small pieces, add a bit of fresh rosemary and a few drops of essential lavender oil in the mix. Cook them on the stove, and the wonderful scent will spread through your house.

2. Essential oil as an air freshener

This recipe demands a bit more time, but it is worth the effort! Take your favorite spring essential oil, and add it into a cup of boiling water and add gelatin. Pour it into a bowl by your choice and you have your own air freshener for any room in your house!

3. Lemon spray

Who doesn’t like their sheets smelling fresh and clean, even after a few months of standing in the closet waiting for it’s turn? With this spray, your spring tablecloths and sheets are ready for use! Take a bottle that has a sprinkler on the top, a fresh lemon peel and pour some vodka. That is a chemistry free mix that you can add any citrus into, you can even use lime if you feel like it.

DIY - 6 Natural Air Fresheners To Make Your Home Smell Like Spring

4. Tropical potpourri

May your home smell like spring at any given moment! Boil water, add some pineapple juice and some coconut extract and a cinnamon stick! That is the perfect smell for birthdays, lunches or just to make your home smell good!

5. A scent diffuser

We have all seen these bottles of air freshener in the stores, and they ain’t that cheap. And they can be made very simply with your favorite smell. Choose a bottle or a vase, take some bamboo kebab sticks, fill a bottle with baby oil and add some essential oil or some of your favorite perfume!

6. A citrus jar

Although you can use any citrus, lime is an excellent choice, refreshing and gentle smelling. To make this natural freshener, you need a lime peel, fresh mint and vanilla extract. Add a bit of water and there you have it, your space is now amazingly fresh!

As you can see by the tips we gave you here, making air fresheners is very easy, simple and cheap. Literally anybody can make them, you just need to make an effort to do it. And when you manage to make one, your home will smell amazing. And natural too. It is also possible to add these air fresheners to the blinds on your house, if you make a small enough one you can even hang it on your blinds.

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