Born in 1968 to parents Spencer and Wendy Harryman, Lee Adam Harryman always had interests tilted towards building great things. It was something that always entices him even when he was young. To his good fortune, he pursued what he loved after gaining a Degree in Architecture from the University of Leicester. This is the exposure Lee wanted, an exposure that set him free to try his creative genius.

Unveiling Masterpieces

Adam had an urge to prove is artistic abilities, and that he did which each passing day. The man is mainly known for his craftsmanship for major public places like Airports. In fact, Adam has been the architect of some of the biggest airports around the globe like the Changi Airport in Singapore and Hamad Airport in Qatar. He is also involved in designing the popular Airport City situated in Qatar.

The brilliance this man packed inside his head was quite obvious with the fact that he’s also a member of the MENSA advocating the high IQ he can boast around. Over the years, Lee Adam has made quite a name for himself through his extensive work in the field of architecture. This had led Lee Adam Harryman to hold several key posts formulating strategies and overseeing designs at CPG.

Success on Fingertips

Owing to his academia and brilliant work in the field, Lee Adam Harryman has been quite successful in his career. The company he worked with, CPG Group Companies, knew the worth of this man where he offers his services as the Senior VP for Management and Design. Lee also serves as a Director of CPG Qatar office—HIA Steering Committee—Hamad International Airport.

Lee Adam Harryman is part of the CPG Consultants in this CPG Group. This division, thanks to the ingenuity of Adam, is quite well-known for the developments made at the Changi Airport Terminals 1-3. Lee Adam has recently announced that he, in alliance with the group, is looking forward to the expansion of Hamad Airport. This is being done to further expand the space at this airport.

Major Appearances

Lee Adam Harryman has been a common name in several media publishes due to his immaculate architectural work around the world. Being a mention in different press releases and news. He was also a feature in Discovery Channel’s Man Made Marvels. His work has also been praised on numerous platforms like the Huffington Post, DailyMail.UK, and Doha News etc.

Lee Adam Harryman has achieved quite a lot in his life. It has been 13 years since he is serving as a Vice President. He served 5 years performing his duties as the Senior VP where he oversaw the development of a 16B USD budget Hamad International Airport. Adam has also handled a team of elite directors and head of design comprising of a staff of 40. An hour-long documentary has also been made on his Airport Design work. Lee Adam Harryman is married to Tan Wei Sian and is the father of one child, Jenico Harryman.

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