Maple wood flooring and acacia wood flooring have gorgeous looks and offer exciting benefits for a home or office space. But, which is better? Does one wood flooring provide more durability and value than the other? Is one more beneficial in terms of appearance and its ability to compliment your unique décor?

Both floorings are amazing and have the potential to give you wonderful results in your next interior design project. But, the woods are different in a few ways. So, let’s take a look at some of the characteristics and benefits of maple wood and acacia wood flooring.

Maple Wood Flooring

Some people feel that the most important factor in choosing a wood species for flooring is appearance. Maple wood flooring offers a look that’s subtle and elegant. It gives a homeowner, or someone decorating a commercial space, a delicate, uniform floor that can add refinement to a room. Maple wood is typically straight grained but it can also appear curly, or have a birds-eye look to it. Whether maple wood flooring offers the visual appeal you want will depend on the style of your décor and the atmosphere you want to create in your space.

Maple Vs. Acacia Wood Flooring

Maple wood flooring is known for being a hard wood species, but it does contain hard and soft cell structures. Maple wood flooring is an appropriate choice for rooms and areas that receive low to moderate foot traffic.

Acacia Wood Flooring

Acacia is a beautiful floor that’s full of character. Acacia wood flooring usually contains vibrant, striking swirling knots and grains, which can look amazing in modern and traditional interiors. If you love the idea of your flooring making a dramatic statement, no matter the color you choose, you may want to consider acacia flooring.

In terms of durability, acacia wood flooring is one of the hardest and most long-lasting floors you can choose. It resists moisture well and doesn’t scuff easily. Acacia wood flooring is also nearly crack and chip resistant, which means you won’t have to replace it often or at all.

Is Maple or Acacia Wood Flooring Better?

Only you can determine if maple or acacia wood flooring is best for you. In addition to evaluating the look and durability that fit into your specific interior scenario, you may want to compare prices of maple and acacia wood flooring. We can help you put together a comprehensive plan for your next project using maple and acacia wood. Then, you can compare the two and decide which is better for you. For free flooring samples of both maple and acacia wood flooring, contact today!

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