In general, it is important for us to properly protect our business from external threats. In fact, people who work with us could harm our business due to various illegal practices. There are some guidelines that we need to consider before we start working with SEO professionals. It is important for us to stick what makes perfect sense, although these people try to persuade us otherwise. We shouldn’t disregard good advices and it is a bad idea to work without proper safety net. If we don’t choose SEO professionals properly, we could swim at our own risk, because there are no lifeguards on duty in SEO community. Here are some rules of thumbs that we need to consider:

Ways to Safely Work With SEO Professionals

  1. Get references and ask for samples of demonstrated results: Many SEO companies claim that they are able to promote business successfully. In this case, we should make sure that they truly have some happy customers in the past. We could find some websites that seem to perform well when promoting specific keywords. In fact, there are SEO professionals who specialize on different industry areas. We shouldn’t trust companies that can’t share their information, especially because of specific privacy protection for their customers. In some cases, customers want to remain fully concealed, although they have popular websites that millions people can find.
  2. Don’t bind into a year-long contract: It is a bad idea to hold ourselves hostage to SEO professionals, especially bad ones. This should be a warning that we need to focus on our own best interest. They should have many loyal customers if they often do such a wonderful job. We should be a loyal customer only after we know that they are able to produce good results for specified amount of time. It is a bad idea to fall for those weak excuses. In this case, it is a good idea to shop around and there are many reputable SEO companies that are agree to offer monthly goals with month-to-month payments.
  3. Walk away if necessary: We should walk away if SEO professionals can’t guarantee good results. We should be sensible enough to know that achieving top placement will take time and a lot of effort. In fact, we shouldn’t trust professionals who easily guarantee that top placements are guaranteed. Improvements in SEO performance should be comparable to the duration of the campaign and the amount of money we spend. In fact, top companies have spent millions of dollars to compete for basic keywords like real estate and debt consolidation. So, if we are only a small company with limited budget for SEO purposes, we should be very realistic with what we should achieve. Instead we could seek top placements for only a specific geographical area.

In general, there is no one size fits all strategy in SEO industry. Package deals are often designed for specific topics and fields. As an example, keywords related to finance are heavily competitive, compared to keywords for some obscure technological fields. We shouldn’t join a program without having a more detailed consultation.

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