Lowe’s, a household name as far as home improvement is concerned, is making huge investments in Canada while, at the same time, helping people make their homes a better place to live and impacting their lives on a positive note. Based in Toronto, Ontario, this company opened its first three stores across Brampton, Hamilton and Branford. That was in December 2007. In 2008, they spread their wings further and started three more stores in Toronto, East Gwillimbury and a second in Brampton and one in Maple, Vaughan. As of 2013, Lowe’s had 33 stores in Canada alone. Each Lowe’s Canada store is approximated to represent an average investment of $20.5 million Canadian dollars.

Lowe's Making Huge Investments In Canada While Helping Improve The Communities That They Serve

A Brief Background

Lowe’s started off as a small hardware store in 1964 and, since then, it has been achieving major milestones in the home improvement sector. It has literally helped millions of people across Canada improve their homes providing them with support and inspiration whenever and wherever they shop. That is for the reason that with Lowe’s, you can buy your products online, by phone, or even in store. That is one of the ways that this company has managed to pull together a pool of loyal clients thanks to the convenience of shopping with them.

The Best thing About Working with or Shopping at Lowe’s

As stated before, you place your order through any of the above mentioned ways right from wherever you are and at any given time, especially when doing it online. A lot of people have credited this company due to the fact that their employees are always on standby and available to help customers. Whether you are a Do-It-Yourself or Do-It-For-Me customer, Lowe’s is always there. Again, it doesn’t matter whether you are a just a tenant or home owner, you will get anything that you need at Lowe’s, as long as it fall under home improvement.

Lowe’s customers represent two broad and major categories. That is, construction and trade, and maintenance, repair and operations. These customers are a representation of about 30 percent of total sales that Lowe’s makes. Most of them use Lowe’s coupons that allow clients to save while going about their shopping.

Apart from just running their business, Lowe’s is also well known for giving back to the communities that it serves. Through their community improvement projects, Lowe’s has positively impacted on many people’s lives not only in Canada, but across Mexico as well as United States. Lowe’s has contributed hundreds of millions of dollars and not forgetting the countless volunteer hours they have injected into these projects.  Doing business with this home improvement company is clearly more than just that, doing business. And, remember, you can save yourself some handsome amount of cash should you get and use a valid Lowe’s Canada coupon. All you need to do is make sure that the coupon or coupons that you are looking forward to use have not expired.

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