Are you a crazy fan of rummy and seek some rummy related solution for every problem you face? Then you are surely among those who would willingly teach your colleagues organising skills by using your favourite rummy games as an example. Here is how you will go about it:

First Teach How to Play Rummy

A colleague who is finding it difficult to plan and organise can be taught those skills through rummy. Before you start the comparison, you must help the colleague understand Indian rummy very well. For this, you need to take efforts and teach the colleague about this particular game of cards.

Tell him how to play rummy in the following manner:

  • Tell them the goal of the game is to make the required number of melds and sequences
  • Tell them how the cards are distributed in the 13 cards rummy game
  • Tell him how the cards are distributed
  • Tell him how the joker is cut

Once your colleague gets a basic outline of the game, you can move to the next step.

Then Tell Him Rummy Rules

Every rummy game variant has some unique rummy rules that you need to follow. You need to explain these rules to the colleague. Tell him about the following:

  • What is counted as a valid set in rummy?
  • How to make a pure sequence?
  • What is a pulled-out joker?
  • How to make a real sequence?
  • What is an open card?
  • What is a disposed pile?

Once he understands all these facts, he will get a better idea regarding this miraculous game.

Try to Explain Tips to Win

Once your colleague has fully understood the rummy game you want him to learn, you can go to the next step. You can help him understand some special tips to master the art of rummy. Here we have listed these:

How to Arrange Your Hand?

There is a special way to arrange your hand in so that you are able to plan your moves faster. You need to keep all the jokers to one side of the hand. You need to arrange your probable sequence pairs at the centre. Arrange the probable set pairs after that. Keep the cards to be disposed at the other extreme of your hand.

How to Reduce Points in Hand?

Tell him the trick of reducing points in the hand by disposing high point cards that are not part of a sequence. Tell him why it is necessary to manage points on time. Help him understand how winners win the game.

Correlate All These with Rummy

Once your colleague has understood this game well, you can explain why arranging the cards in the peculiar fashion is important. Tell him that in rummy, arranging the cards in proper order helps you remember the hand while playing. Tell him this also applies to work and when you plan your work in proper order, you manage to complete tasks at hand sooner. Show him how rummy and work are similar and organising tasks in a proper order helps save much time.

In rummy, if you dispose cards that your opponent needs, you will lose the game sooner. This is the case with work too. If you are not organised and disciplined at your work, your competitors in the office will get the promotion you so deserved. These simple comparisons will help your colleague understand the importance of being organised. It is a sure way to change him.