The branch of marketing related to the creation, publishing and distribution of valuable, reliable and consistent content. This helps in the attraction and retention of customers and helps to increase the profits of the users. Many international organizations and conglomerates like Microsoft, Samsung, P&G, etc., use content marketing to increase their sales and maximize revenues. Companies use Content Marketing Training for the following basic reasons:

  • Expansion of user/customer base.

  • Diversification of user/customer base.

  • Establishment or increment in online sale and revenues.

  • Creation of an online user community.

Principles of Content Marketing: The basic principle of content marketing is the interpretation of the existing consumer need. This is opposed to the principle of creating a new need in the consumers. Content Marketing has existed since 1895 when John Deere launched ‘The Furrow’, a magazine that provided useful information for farmers, from new advancements and inventions to the use of smart farming techniques. The term ‘content marketing’ was coined in 1996 during a roundtable conference of American Society for Newspaper Editors.

The Essential Concept Of Content Marketing Training

Techniques to Consider: There are many types of content marketing techniques due to the enormous of content and a few of them have been listed below:

  • Info graphics: These are long and vertical graphics that include statistics, graphs, charts and other information. And if they hit the mark, they can be circulated on different forms of media for many years, earning handsome revenues for the company.

  • Webpages: Webpages that have been specifically designed and created for the purpose of publishing and displaying relevant content that is related to a special product or service being offered, is called a webpage content marketing. These are highly effective if strategically designed and can bring in customers from such places that had not hoped for.

  • Podcasts: These are specially designed audio/video clips that are released on the iTunes platform. They help boosts the visibility of a specific product or service to the iTunes users and boost the sales and revenues of that product or service all over the globe in the iTunes community.

  • Videos: Specifically aimed, designed and released videos describing the various advantages of a service or product in circulation, after careful consideration of consumer needs, can boost sales by unthinkable amounts. And as the prices of equipment that can capture and reproduce high quality videos has gone down, the cost to company has also decreased.

  • Books: Another method of boosting sales is publishing books on the topics related to the products and services being offered by any company. Plus it is a great addition to the resume when one can be introduced as “The Author of….”.

Selling of the Products: These and many more techniques that use specially created content for boosting sales of products and services are a great technique to learn. The best technique to use and boost the sales is the addition of value to any advertisement. When one adds value – such as details of the various parts of a product, the history of development of the product, the story of people who worked behind the scenes and created something incredible – consumers get connected to the product. This is in turn drives them to acquire something that holds value for them, boosting the revenues of the company in turn.

Hiking the Profit of the Company: Thus content marketing, if done correctly, can boost the profits for the company by many times than if they relied on just traditional forms of marketing and advertisement. The essential formula is the inclusion of value that consumers can identify with the concept of Content Marketing Training Calgary.