If you are like most crafty people, you will enjoy making flowers out of newspaper. This is easier than it seems as most people with the right tools and a little time can make a cool design. With this in mind, it is beneficial to have the right supplies and mindset when making newspaper flowers. Here is a short how to guide to help you get started.

Get Nice Newspaper:

Above all else, you must have the best supplies for the situation. For this reason, you should find quality newspaper in great shape. Do not head out to the recycling bin and pull out a random stack of papers. While it is okay to get it out of the recycling bin, you must verify the paper looks and feels good. When doing so, you will now have an easy time to get started. Of course, before doing anything, you should also inspect the paper and make sure it is not wet or damaged in any way. With this, you can move on to the next step.

DIY: How To Make Newspaper Flowers

Working place:

Now, if you want to do your craft work, you must have a nice table in a quiet area. Think about it for a minute and you will understand why it is pertinent to have a wide open space with a lot of room. At the same time, when choosing a table, you should make sure to clean it off and remove any debris. Without a doubt, when you do these two steps before anything else, you are well on your way to making newspaper flowers. At the same time, you should hunt down some glue, a pair of scissors and some floral tape. With these simple and inexpensive supplies, you are now ready to tackle this fun and exciting project.

Dive in:

After you set up your table and pull out your supplies, you are ready to begin the fun part. Now, you should start by cutting out a petal and crumpling it. Then, you would need to add glue; after this, you will want to start creating more petals. Then, you should start creating the outer petals. Finally, you should insert the stem and put it all together. To do this, you should add a little glue to the base or stem wire. Then, you can put everything together. If done correctly, you should have a nice flower arrangement on your hands. However, most people will want to take this further and add their own creative touch to the flowers. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the retro look, you can leave the setup as it is. Either way, when diving in and taking on the project, you will have an easy time making the coolest flowers people will truly enjoy.


Of course, if you want to take this further, you should add a creative touch. To do this, you can use leaves to add to the flower bouquets. Other times, you will want to add colored scrapbook papers to give it a cool look. Either way, when doing this and adding your own flavor, you can impress people who check out the flowers and want to hold them in their hands.

Without a doubt, when making flowers out of newspaper, you can have a great time. While it is intimidating at first, you should have no issue in figuring out how to put everything in order. Then, when you make a couple, you will have an easy time making more in the future. Remember, when going slow and steady, you can make the perfect newspaper flower bouquet.

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