When choosing the best dog breed for the family, we should be aware that there are a number of factors to consider. We shouldn’t choose dogs only based on their looks. Other factors that we should know include manageable aggression, proper dominance traits, compatibility with children and ease of training. There are different requirements that people have when choosing specific breed of dog. As an example, they may want a breed that can do well when left alone at home. The dog should also have a good overall intelligence.

Some dogs require specific amount of exercise each day. The dog should be friendly to children, other animals and complete strangers. However, the dog must be intuitive enough to assume the guard mode, when at night or when the person looks suspicious. The dog breed should be more resistant to health problems. Due to certain physical characteristics, some dogs could have more health issues than others. As an example, home owners may want a dog that can become a classic lapdog. These breeds of dogs should be quite submissive, quiet and perfectly loyal.

However, we should know that lap dogs may not be the most athletic and they are not ideal for families who prefer outdoor activities. One of the best lapdog breeds is the Havanese. Regardless of the breed, we may also consider choosing breeds that require less exercise, effortless to groom, live to learn and love people of all ages. This kind of dog should also be perfect for people who enjoy indoor lives better. When choosing dogs with these characteristics, we may consider choosing the Boston Terriers.

Some breeds of dogs can be quite athletic despite their small size, such as the Cockapoo. It doesn’t get nervous to easily and they can behave well with the presence of people. Cockapoo is also easy to train and attentive to their masters. This breed is known for unusually long life expectancy among dogs, at around 14 years. They are available in different colors, as well as types of hair, such as curly or shaggy. Another unique characteristic about Cockapoo is their wonderful plume-like tails. For dog breeds that love sport and have hardy quality, we may choose the Cocker Spaniel.

People who want to have a little more challenge could try getting specific dog breeds, like the Put Bull Terrier. It is among the most controversial breed, but can be quite obedient in the hand of skilled and responsible owners. Pit Bull Terrier can be quite amazing. They are faithful to the end, intelligent, amusing and loving. Untrained pups can be somewhat aggressive, especially toward small animals and other dogs. However, with enough skill; we should be able to quickly train Bull Terrier. However, this breed of dog can be somewhat clumsy indoor and it could be prone to be overweight. So; it is important to ensure higher physical intensity when handling this breed of dog in our house and outdoor locations.

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