A huge percentage of smartphones is powered by Android OS. With 75% if users connected with Android through mobile devices, it is inevitable for any business or enterprise to use Android App development as a core strategy for success. A great number of enterprises are flocking towards mobile solutions as enterprise mobility is the buzzword in today’s market.

Android is the most preferred platform for enterprises for increasing efficiency, saving time, saving cost and improving profitability, eliminating overhead, and by offering the latest business possibilities. Android offers custom development that acts as a fuel for building robust enterprise applications.  We have outlined some major reasons why you should choose Enterprise Android app development:

#1-Open Source- Android OS is open source and royalty free which reduces the software licensing cost. The SDK architecture is open source where you can watch the latest or upcoming releases and can also offer feedback. The extensive development cost is eliminated for companies and enterprises and even perfect for wireless operators and handset manufacturers. Android offers the entire platform for customization.

#2- Single Development Package – Android resolves the issue of developing separate app for every entity under the enterprise. The main objective of Android is to use a single application for executing all the crucial company processes. Android is present in various forms and on a great number of devices.

#3-An Efficient Management Tool– Android saves the effort, time, and cost on creating apps for different business modules and allows management of processes through a single android app. The use of Java as a programming language makes it even for anyone with the knowledge of Java to get the app up and running.

#4- Business Integration– Android offers smooth business integration. It enables different departments to link individually or collaboratively for execution of tasks. Whether its inter-application, inter-process architecture or a suite of apps-Android makes it possible to cross promote them and integrate them. The features offered by Android OS for business integration are unique which provide efficiency.

#5- Vast Selling Platform– App developments on Android platform provide different ways of publishing your application. You can use Google play Store, APKs, or even your own website. This not offers different options for you to reach out but also provides an easy access to people for downloading the app.

#6- Customer Feedbacks- Android OS for mobile app development is the best way to stay in touch with your customers for feedbacks and updates.

Should the Enterprise App Development be outsourced or In-house?

The best strategy for developing an Enterprise Android App is to use the in-house team of Android app developers. The team in-house can understand better the needs of the company and can be governed by the company itself. Android application development is a tedious process and requires various assessments at various integrals for hardware compatibility concerns.

However, the alternate is always enterprise mobile application development through an outsourced reliable service provider. This can reduces the cost to half of hiring developers yourself. VeztekUSA is a reputable Android App development company works closely with client requirements.


Android is the fastest growing mobile platform and so is the demand for Android App development. Android works perfectly for a simple enterprise to the most complex technical customization requirements. Android offers you everything as a platform to built best app experience. Through the single app model you are free to reach millions of users across a huge range of devices, from tablets to mobile and smartphones. Moreover the tools Android offers enable you to create apps that not look great but also function smoothly, letting you and your app users be at ease.