2015 web design trends are eye-catching, functional and can give you an edge over your competitors. Here are some of the designs that BCS Web Design can help make a reality on your site.

1. Animated Story Sequences

Animation, activated by the user moving their mouse, can be used to tell a story relevant to your business–explaining a process or how a product works.

2. Multimedia

Though this concept is not new for websites in general, designers have come up with innovative ways to use multimedia, using new platforms (i.e. HTML5) to create them.

3. Non-rectangular Shaped Designs

Instead of constraining yourself to the rectangular shape of screens, you can use irregularly shaped designs to stretch your users’ visions of what a website should look like.

4. New Navigation Models

Your navigation panel can become attached to the top of the page, no matter how far a user scrolls down, or have elements of it stuck to each screen corner. These “sticky navigation” methods are popular, along with the trend of having navigation buttons throughout the page–like clickable markers on Google Maps.

5. Layouts with Layers

To fit a lot of content onto one page, use this functional trend to keep certain content of a page hidden until the user clicks or place their mouse above a particular element.

6. Fun Loading Screens

Remind website users of the days when websites took a while to load by using creative loading screens. They will add a new visually pleasing element to your site.

7. A Set of Tiles

Square or rectangular shapes connected to each other, with relevant images in them, can be used to create a design layout that will engage your site users.

8. The Flat Design

This popular design uses images and icons with no gradients or textures to create a noteworthy visual effect.

9. Parallax Scrolling

This is a smooth element you can add to your site that uses scrolling and mouse movement to bring into motion certain elements of the page.

10. Fullscreen Background Images

Whether animated or not, a fullscreen background image will grab the attention of your users. This design is also functional in that it will work on any size of screen automatically.

11. Inclusion of Google Maps Elements

Google maps has many customizable elements that you can use to focus some or your entire website around.

12. The Simple Design

By using a carefully calculated, minimal amount of words and simple images in a quiet layout, you can create a bold message.

This popular design uses images and icons with no gradients or textures to create a noteworthy visual effect.

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