Contemporary designs and modern construction materials can transform even the most old fashioned bathrooms.

A dull and uninviting space can be turned into a vibrant and fresh bathroom by using textures and colours that are inviting. Natural stones, mosaics and a fun tile flashback or tops that are burnished can change the entire look of your bathroom into a new, modern appeal.

If your budget is limited and you have a bathroom that is dated, you can focus on the minor details as opposed to changing the main items. A handy paintbrush can create a dandy setting if you have a period place with lots of piping that is exposed. The pipes can be painted with a shade that contrasts for the purpose of impact or just incorporate them along with the general overall bathroom colour.

The look of your bathroom can be improved instantly by changing fittings such as showerheads and taps. Soap dishes, handles on the cabinets, toothbrush holders, and even the roller for the toilet paper holds a lot of opportunity to put your own personality into the design of the bathroom.

A Feature Wall To Be Fashioned

Mosaic design can be spectacularly charming, but if that form of design covers the whole bathroom it can be a bit overwhelming. To tone it down, just make that a feature of one wall.

Construct a striking pattern of coloured tiles. A particularly effective pattern of chessboard black and white is a good idea. Even though large numbers of pattered tiles crowds everything else out, having just one wall gives a good look at a great statement, and the rest of the bathroom walls can remain a light colour and remain neutral.

Another idea is to create a picture from the tiles, or paint a mural on the wall. Keep in mind that you will probably get varied opinions on the attractiveness of such a bold statement, but the important thing is really how you feel about it.

Design Ideas For A Contemporary Bathroom Look

Earthy Themes That Are Neutral

If you have more of a preference for the simplicity of clean lines, you can opt for an earthy theme. Wicker and bamboo accessories go well with a good amount of white, cream and pale beige tiles. Use natural stone tiles for borders and accents, which will complete the look.

An addition of greenery gives the impression of being in the outdoors, and accented with houseplants to breath life into your space. Areca palm, Boston ferns, peace lily, and spider plant are all great purifiers of the air. A sense of peace and calm is brought about by their lush, green foliage.

Bath Or Shower

To have the best of both, install a showering bath setup. They can be specially and attractively designed in an L or a P shape, which maximizes the showering area. This is a configuration that is becoming increasingly popular.

Construct special ledges on the bottom of the showering area to combat any leaking. In this way you can choose to have a quick shower, then leisurely soak in a hot tub, which can be filling while you are showering.

To make an instant, bold feature, install a free standing bath right in the middle of the room, and make it a roll top, claw-footed tub for a confident statement for all to see.
A walk-in shower will look very modern as it can be all glass-enclosed with straight, trim lines and an openness that creates an immediate, contemporary look.

Pictures and Paint

If your budget won’t allow a complete makeover of your bathroom, and some accessories and give things a little paint. If you have a dull wall colour, give it a shot of colour like a lime green or a turquoise blue to liven things up a bit. Don’t overdo this, just do a few small areas and perhaps a border, so as to draw the attention away from the dated areas and to bring the focus on the sites of colour.

Add to the ambiance of the room by hanging some of your favourite pictures or photos. Mirrors or a series of smaller mirrors will give an illusion of light and spaciousness.

There are lots of ideas and things that can be done to redo your bathroom into a contemporary and fresh space, no matter what your budget might be.

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