The whole point of summer camping is that it can be loads of fun. Apart from having time to sleep in the great outdoors, summer camping also allows people to get away from the hassle of their day to day monotonous grind in the city. This change can be refreshing indeed, to say the least. Especially since it gives you plenty of time for both leisure and games.

Summer camping can actually be a great time to try out not just any new fun-filled activities but also to get right back into the hobbies that you once used to love.

Let us check out some interesting activities that you can indulge in while camping in the summer.

o   Make a treasure map while taking a nature walk

What better way to enjoy a summer day than to really get a chance to commune with nature. You can make a list of various items that you might want to go and hide on a nature trail. Then you can give the kids and your friends a map to find the same, including all the main points of the trail and the more interesting flora and fauna, in the list. You can also pair the people into teams. The team that deciphers your clues and finds all the objects hidden on the trail, gets a box of Bounty chocolates!

o   Make your very own campfire

What can be more fun than building a large campfire at night where you can toast your very own marshmallows, or even cook a full-fledged meal as well while enjoying the company of your friends and family? Campfires are really not that difficult to start if you have the right equipment with you and if you know how to go about building one.

o   Build a den

Outdoor summer camps are the perfect places to really let your imagination run wild with you. Building dens can take us straight back to our pre-historic past and reignite all those long dormant genes that allowed our ancestors to survive in the wild. A great den can be made in front of a cave or close to your tent. Deadwood is an ideal source to construct your very own Cro-Magnon penthouse.

o   Watch the birds

A poet had once described birds as ‘colored bits of a cascading rainbow.’ And indeed, that is what the more colorful members of the species may well be. Just simply watching our avian friends with their riotous plumage and haunting bird songs are a great way to enjoy a summer camping day. You can, of course, shoot them as well… With a camera of course.  Just be careful not to give yourself away. They get scared easily.

o   Enjoy the rain!

If you are well prepared, then a little summer squall can only add to the fun factor. You can play tag and blind man’s bluff (after carefully clearing away the dead branches and stones in a clearing) or you can make a ‘lean too’ and a covered fire to keep warm just like captain Caveman used to do so in days now long past. But perhaps one of the best things you can do in a rainstorm is to break out the soap and take a long leisurely shower, right in the middle of mama’ nature’s very own shower stall!  However, it is important that you have access to a really dry shelter – reliable canvas tents – to run too, just in case things get too chilly for comfort.  You should also make good and sure that you have a plentiful supply of dry clothes and other accessories once you come out of the rain.

o   Conclusion

Summer camping can be one of the most fun experiences you can ever have in life. Apart from the above activities, there are plenty of other fun-filled games that you can play to make your summer camping trip memorable.

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