Whether you are an editor, designer, or you like to produce audiovisual projects, there is no doubt that to create quality content you will need some gear. It is essential that your production team has the gear they need to produce high-quality content. The following list will not talk about a specific brand, but we will include recommendations and/or products that are used in the day to day creative works.

  1. Computer

Video editing, writing, design and an infinite number of other things, is what you can do with a computer, no matter if it is a Laptop or a desktop PC. In any case, a popular Laptop is a MacBook and many consider it to be their main gadget. It can be used for programs and applications such as Word, Photoshop CC, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, etc. These applications allow you to create the content you like to work with without any problem.

While it is necessary to have other gadgets to get the most out of a computer, having this, you already have many possibilities at your fingertips. Our recommendation would be to follow the vision of companies like Apple and use a computer, more than anything, for professional purposes.

  1. Tablet

Until the past decade, tablets were seen as a device only useful for consuming multimedia content, and even, for many people, it remains that way. But what if we consider an iPad or a tablet – whether with Android or Windows operating system – as a creative tool? Well, the result might surprise you.

Like a computer, quality content can be created hand in hand with different applications. Applications such as iMovie (iPad), Canva, Word, etc. They are very useful when you want to work from your tablet. In addition, something that we have not mentioned is the theme of the organization, in the same way, there are very good applications (Evernote, Omnifocus, Todoist, etc.) that can help you a lot when preparing a script, organizing tasks, establishing steps to follow, among other things.

  1. Camera

It will depend a lot on the type of content that you dedicate yourself to, but it is a reality that most of the creators nowadays opt for audiovisual or photographic projects, and for this type of content, it is very important to have a camera.

Despite the emergence of highly powerful cameras on some smartphones, DSLR cameras still have their importance individually, and if your desire is to create quality content, you will logically look for the best option.

If photography is your thing, an economical option that may interest you is the Nikon Coolpix B500. Now, if the videos are yours, our recommendation would be the Canon EOS Rebel T5i, not as economical as the one mentioned above, but personally, it has given me good results. If you like “vlogging,” our recommendation would be the Canon VIXIA mini X and also the GoPro Hero5 Black.

Additionally, if you are into live streaming and live video recording, our recommendation would be to get hold of the products by PTZOptics. The company specializes in state-of-the-art live streaming cameras with High Definition 1080p recording. These devices are dynamic and come in a wide variety. They are also compatible with top live streaming platforms like OBS.

  1. Microphone

Nowadays, many creators, whether they carry out audiovisual projects or only audio, use the microphones of their smartphones or headphones to create their content. Although it is a viable and simple option, really, if you want to offer higher quality content, it would be best to buy a microphone.

Both for raw audio (as in live broadcasts) or for audio that will go through editing, it is advisable to have a microphone.

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