MRES stands for the meals that are ready to eat. MREs are generally bundled meals which started as armed force assigns. They are at present, known well as meals for people in the military as well as individuals in everyday life. Feast prepared are equally healthy and usually made of natural components that give the highly required nourishment to the human body. MRES replaced the values of canned foods that were previously used for the transportation to the camps and battle fields.

Introduction To Meals Ready To Eat

MRES are nutritionally very important for the fighters and the armed forces as these foods provide the fuels to the fighters and then they can perform better in the battle field. The MREs are convenient to transport, self-contained and water resistant so that they can bear the rough conditions of the battle field.

MRE Ingredients and Nutrition:

The MRES were first discovered by the US kingdom in 1980’s. These MRES start to advance in the large scale later on 1981.

MRE calories ranges from 1200 to 1300 in a per MRE meal. There are about 24 menus of the MRE that are accessible currently. Almost 20 of them contain meat items and 4 are vegetable meals for the vegetarian personals of the armed forces. An MRE is genuinely a Meal Ready to Eat, despite of the facts that it tastes vastly improved when warmed with the flameless heaters.

In the case of the MRE, pouches are being used as the storage containers because they offer the following benefits:

  • The MRE are much lighter in weight.
  • They are convenient to transport to the far off places.
  • They are much more flexible that can combat the rough conditions of the battle field.
  • It is very much convenient to carry in the pockets.
  • It contains all the foods from the six basic groups of the food pyramids.
  • MRES provide the good nutrition to the fighters.
  • It takes less time to sterilize and to seal the contents from the harms of the battle fields.
  • MRE provides the complete meal to fill one’s hunger.
  • The MRES are battle tested.
  • Fully cooked and does not require water.
  • Can be eaten at anytime, anywhere.
  • Longer shelf life that can remain fresh for longer period of time.

The mres have come a long way and have come to stay. The MRES find many applications in various scenarios. They play a vital role in the lives of the military and armed forces so their importance can never be denied.

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