It seems like door lock failures happen overnight which couldn’t be more wrong. Like everything, the failure of locks is a gradual process and shows signs of failing before it completely stops working. It’s just that people do not know how to look for the signs. A professional locksmith or companies like Advanced Lock and Key Joondalup knows which signs to look for that indicates the failure of locks. In this article, I will explain three signs which are a fair indication that you need to change your house locks if you don’t want to end up with more trouble.

The door handle is Loose

Noticing a loose door handle should ring bells of danger in your mind. Door handles become loose because of loose screws in your lock or door knob. This results in a situation where the key keeps turning in your lock. People usually ignore this sign but if left unchecked, the screws can completely fall off and ruin your locks. In this case, the lock will stop working and become stuck in one place.

Lock Cylinder Moves

Similar to loose door handles, lock cylinder can also become loose due to misplaced and loose screws. If you notice that the entire lock cylinder is moving as you turn the key, call a locksmith and get it fixed early on, while the situation is still rectifiable. If you overlook this situation, chances are the entire lock set will come apart, leaving your door vulnerable to burglary attempts and criminal threats.

Key Becomes Hard to Turn in the Lock

Another indication of potential lock failure is that the key becomes hard to turn in the lock. This could happen due to poor functioning of actuator or parts engaging in deadbolt. Most people simply force the key to turn which results in breaking of the lock and damage to the internal structure of the lock. You could also end up breaking the cam or tailpiece and in worst case scenario, the key could break inside the lock.

What to Do about Lock Failures

As soon as you notice the first sign of lock problems, call a professional locksmith and fix it immediately. Mending the lock while the problem is still small will make it easier to solve as well as cost you less in terms of money, effort and time. If you overlook the signs, the problem will continue to grow and your door lock will eventually stop working. This will cost you a lot of repair fees or might have to install a new lock altogether.

If you think the situation is not so bad and you can solve it yourself, then you are free to employ DIY methods for lock repair. However, you will need to have proper tools as well as considerable knowledge about locks before you dissemble the door lock. Still the best option will be to hire a professional locksmith, they do not cost all that much and provide efficient service.