Who doesn’t enjoy going to a spa or a posh hotel and enjoying the luxury of the gorgeous bathrooms? I know that we do! However,it can be a bit of a shock to the system to come back home to be confronted with the reality of how shabby your bathroom is at home when compared with the expensive finishes in a hotel.

The obvious, if expensive, solution is to rip your bathroom out and try to replicate what you have seen in glossy magazines or the upmarket hotel rooms, and if you’re thinking of replacing your bathroom anyway this can be a good starting point for your design.

If you’ve not got the budget for a complete renovation, or are in rented property where you are not allowed to make these sorts of changes, there are lots of things you can do to get the luxury feel without spending huge amounts of money. Let’s take a look at 5 of them.

1. Keep It Clear

Take a minute to think about what you like best about those celebrity and luxury bathrooms you see in the glossy magazines and upmarket hotel bathrooms. Often we think it’s the expensive bathroom suite or the fact that everything is matching. However, it’s more likely that we’re seduced by the fact that a hotel bathroom is lovely and clean, with no half-used bottles of shampoo and children’s bath toys lying around. Clearing your bathroom of the clutter will really help to give the room a more relaxing and upmarket feel.

Use any storage which you already have, but if you do not have enough cupboard or drawer space, think about investing in some additional boxes, crates or other bathroom furniture. You can even have a go at upcycling, which can transform something old into something that looks brand new. Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration for this.

5 Ways To Give Your Bathroom Little Touches Of Luxury

2. Make Everything Match

Go back to thinking about your hotel or celebrity-inspired bathroom. Chances are that part of the reason it’s so appealing is that everything matches. Hotels usually stick to a very neutral colour scheme and generally use only plain white towels. You can copy these ideas by deciding on a colour scheme for your bathroom and sticking to it.

White is the obvious choice but other neutrals work well too. Look for soap dishes, towels, shower curtains, bath mats and even artwork which all ties in with your overall colour theme. This doesn’t have to be a project you do all at once; when you’ve decided on the look you want to achieve, keep your eyes peeled for bargains.

3. Lighting

Lights in the bathroom are often an afterthought, but investing in an unusual light can instantly give your bathroom the luxury look. Not all light fittings are suitable for bathroom use, so shop carefully and if in doubt ask an electrician for advice. Don’t just keep your thinking confined to centre ceiling lights either; consider installing lights around your bathroom mirror or at floor level under the vanity unit or bath.

Here are some ideas for bathroom lighting.

4. Impactful Artwork

Most luxury bathrooms have some sort of artwork on the wall and the key thing to remember is to look for something big enough to make an impact. A small picture is not going to be enough, unless you buy lots of pictures of different sizes and arrange them in a group on the wall. Chain stores like Ikea, Dunelm Mill or some of the larger supermarkets all sell large posters, but you can also create something yourself with a plain canvas an acrylic paint. Look online for loads of ideas and inspiration.

5. Plants and Accessories

Once you’ve cleared all your surfaces of the bottles and toothbrushes, you can then think about replacing them with carefully chosen accessories and decorative items. Plants are great for adding a natural feel to your bathroom, but make sure you choose a plant which can cope with the warm and humid atmospheres in the bathroom. Staff at your local garden centre will be able to point you in the right direction.

Look for interesting or unusual soap dispensers which will look much more luxurious than a plastic bottle from the supermarket, or jars of bath salts or bubble bath. Remember to try to tie everything in with your overall colour scheme and buy pretty glass jars or bottles which can be refilled when they are empty rather than having to be replaced with new each time.

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