When hiring a moving company, the first step should be to conduct a pre-move survey. They won’t just come to your place on moving day without understanding what exactly it is that you need. Everything has to be clear right from the start. To settle these issues prior to the actual moving day, they will conduct a pre-move survey.

Moving Home? How A Pre-Move Survey Will Ensure The Safety Of All Your Items

The process

A surveyor will come over to determine the actual services that you need and the amount you have to pay. In doing so, the weight and volume of the items to be shipped will be noted. The items that require special care will also be included. A complete inventory of the shipment is essential to make sure nothing is left behind. If there are other logistical issues, they will be solved when a pre-move survey is done.

Once you have agreed the cost, you can finalise the details and inform them of the dates for packing of the items, collection and delivery. The result of the pre-move survey will also be forwarded to you so you will know exactly what will happen.

What to do

While the moving company does the job, you should also do your share. If you have concerns about certain items, you need to let them know. For overseas shipments, customs related issues should also be dealt with. The timeline must be very clear so that you can prepare everything in advance and you will also know exactly when the items will arrive. If there are any charges that are not addressed in the previous information given, you should ask about them so that you can prepare. Most of all, if there are insurance options available, you should be aware of them. Some companies offer insurance as part of the package while others require you to buy insurance separately.

Moving day

Once everything is done, you can prepare for the actual day of moving. You have to be there to supervise the process. It also helps that you see how they pack, carry and deliver your belongings just to make sure they handle them as promised.

Rest assured, if you have chosen a quality and reputable company to do the job, they won’t disappoint. They will see to it that everything is done right.

Should you move again in the future, you can count on the same moving company, especially if they offer services in the place where you have just moved to. For those who reside in Cheltenham, you can check out specialists in removals Cheltenham offers and learn more about the services offered. Focus on companies which offer affordable prices but high-quality services.