Outdoor spaces like patios, terraces or decks are trending these days and it doesn’t look like this trend will die down anytime soon. More and more people are following this trend and installing outdoor patios in their homes. While some people hire professional companies like Classic Patio Perth, others prefer to do it themselves. There are several benefits to hiring professionals, after telling them what kind of outdoor space you want, you can leave everything to them.

However, if you are building a patio yourself, there are several things you need to consider before starting the project. You should only engage in DIY projects when the scale of the patio or deck is small. For large-scale projects, hire professional companies. With that said, following are some tips for planning a patio.

Consider the Purpose of the Patio

The purpose of the patio is the first thing you need to consider before planning a patio. Will you be using the patio for throwing parties, all year around? Or will you be holding small family gatherings there? Other factors such as size and style of the patio will depend on the answer to these questions. You can build a patio for personal use as well. If your patio is a gateway and escape for yourself, then it is better to build it at a private space.

Consider the Location of the Patio

Patios are mostly built near the kitchen due to easy access. People generally, come outside from the kitchen door and it is easy to cater food from kitchen in case of parties. However, if you want to build a personal patio, then the backyard is the best place. Sometimes, there are a few spots in your house that are best for installing patios, such as a view or landscape orientation that accommodates the largest patio. Professionals can find these spots but you can do it yourself by walking around the house.

Consider the Size and Shape

Like location, the size and shape of the patio also matters. There is no set rule for planning the size of the patio. It depends on the purpose of the patio and the number of people who will gather there. You can make the patio as big as your entire backyard or as little as a single table and chair. On the other hand, the shape of the patio is primarily determined by the landscape of the house. Curvy patios are in vogue recently but you can create geometric and vertical patios as well, depending on your style and preference.

Consider the Materials and Extra Features

Sturdy and long-lasting materials are optimum for patios. Stone and concrete are expensive while wood is relatively cheap. The material depends in the outlook you want for your patio. However, the extra features will determine whether your patio is attractive and eye-catching. Decide on a focal piece for your patio such as fire pit and water features. Fire pit is ideal for evening respite and water features are good for day time relaxation.