The right pavers can completely change the outlook of a garden and that’s why it is important to choose the pavers carefully. Pavers not only make a garden more attractive but they have functional use as well. While you can customize outdoor spaces according to your style and preference, but you most certainly need professionals for the manual labor. Professional companies like Modular Masonry limestone pavers Perth are perfect for this job. Always hire professionals if you want to get the most out of your paving. With that said, here are some of the best paving ideas that you can consider before building or renovating your outdoor space.

Stone Ledge Panels

Monolithic stone ledge panels are most common in big estates for paving paths. If you want to cover a huge distance from the main house to the garden, then stone ledge panels are perfect for you. They are basically huge rectangular blocks of stone that provides a neutral look.

Around Fountains

Pavers are used around fountains all over the world but the type of stone and pattern is different for every fountain paver. You can lay pavers around the fountain that matches the exterior of the house. This creates a look that compliments the overall outlook of your house.

Connect Areas

Pavers are a great way to connect areas such as from fire pit to the pool. You can design pavers in the form of a bar that connects different areas on your outdoor spaces. This will give a sophisticated and trendy look to the outdoors plus the bar pavers are functional as well. This will assist you greatly in parties where you need large spaces to accommodate refreshments.

Granite Pavers

You can also use granite pavers to make a separate outdoor space. Simply lay the pavers in a circle or a square to highlight the place and add simple furniture like a loveseat and coffee table. This is a great idea for personal retreat for people who like to spend time alone.

Patio Pavers

Your patio is incomplete without pavers especially when you host a lot of parties there. Pavers are amazingly versatile. You can use tiered pavers to create a bar as well as a dining area in your patio and frame it with modular blocks. Add colorful accessories such as cushions and tableware to suit festive occasions.

Create a Focal Point

There is nothing more divine than sitting around a fire with your friends and family on a cold winter’s evening. But soft and gravel ground makes it difficult to walk on the ground in winters. Paving the fire pit with solid pavers solves this problem. You can also turn your fire pit into a focal point of your outdoor space.

Use pavers in the Woods

Paving the way with small limestone or granite pavers in the yard can point people in the right direction. You can also use rough and rustic pavers in the woods to point the path while still keeping the natural look of the forest.