A house decorated with vintage and retro objects gives out a sense of charm, cosiness, and comfort. Whether you have some old family hand downs or just some extra flea market discoveries at your place, you can turn these worn-out objects into great household retro decorations.

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Revival Of The Retro Home Deco

You don’t have to dig into your wallet to create your very own vintage home decoration. Just head out to the flea market and you may find some valuable treasures to adorn your house. It is not usual to come across some old-fashioned chandelier with hanging prisms and strands of beads at these kinds of markets. This could be the perfect deco to give your dining or living room a glamourous look. Give that old candle chandelier a new life by spraying it with the paint colour of your choice, and it might become the main attraction of your house.

The flea market is surely one of those places where you can rescue a few furniture that still have some potential. If you get your hands on an old drawer, you can convert it into a table lamp table by simply adding wooden legs to it. You may either leave it with its original wear and tear colour or you may spray it with some paint to make it look brand new.

If you want to create your very own light fixtures, you will simply need a tea candle, a spoon and an old piece of wood. Paint the wood as per your preferred vintage colour. Bend the spoon into an L shape and fix it to the wood using a nail, then place the tea candle on the surface of the candle. This sconce will most certainly add a vintage style wherever you want to place it in your house.

Do you have some old antique furniture that have been in the attic for ages? Get those old sofas and chairs out and embellish them by placing a patterned blanket or throws over them. Calm pastel colours or even bright colours could match any interior. These blanket or throws will give your house a contemporary or rustic look, while the furniture will have a modern look.

If messy sticky notes and countless refrigerator magnets are ruining the retro balance in your kitchen, there is one object that can come to your rescue. Get a large chalkboard, place it inside a picture frame and hang it to the wall. It will create a functional message board that will also add to the rustic atmosphere of your kitchen.