Roof lanterns, or skylights, offer a great opportunity to brighten up your home. They open up your rooms to lots more potential light which makes a real difference to the vibrancy of your home.

Roof lanterns allow you to let in more natural light which gives a much warmer feel to your home rather than artificial light. Having beams of natural sunlight come through creates a much nicer ambient and homely feel.

Roof lanterns are increasingly popular amongst architects and designers. The stylish and modern look of the lanterns are becoming more and more trendy for those who are keen to improve all aspects of their home.

Benefits Of Aluminium Roof LanternsRoof lanterns are essentially windows for your roof. They offer a clever injection of light from your roof. So often we lose much of the potential of natural entering rooms in our home because of the way the sun or windows may be facing. That problem is eradicated in a very fashionable and stylish way.

The lantern, also called skylight, is installed into the roof at the same angle of the roof. For this it is crucial to make sure it is manufactured and set with aluminium framing. Aluminium roof lanterns have properties that completely outshine its PVC counterparts. Aluminium has a number of special advantages especially with regard to skylights and roof lanterns.

Aluminium doesn’t expand or contract as much as the likes of framing constructed from PVC. A critical necessity of a roof lanterns is that it is able to withstands harsh weathers and pressures.

Another reason aluminium is becoming more popular amongst commercial and domestic manufacturers is its light weight ability. The fat that aluminium can be lightweight whilst keeping the strength of other metal is a huge bonus. This means that not only is it easier to deliver and install it also puts less strain on your housing foundations. The durability of aluminium is much better than PVC framing and just as good as steal, but without the extra weight.

Whilst the benefits of aluminium framing is irrefutable there are even more benefits of what good a roof lantern can do. Aside from the obvious aesthetical benefits, the injection of extra sunlight is also extremely healthy. The technology of roof lanterns provides natural sunlight but without the negative effects of UV rays.

The exposure to the sun provides high levels of Vitamin D (sunshine vitamin) to the human body. There are many health benefits to this vitamin as the NHS states it is vital to regulate the absorption of calcium and phosphorous needed for a healthy immune system

Furthermore, another advantage of natural light is the eco-friendly features. Firstly, homeowners are already taken the extra step to allow eco-friendly technologies to be a part of the home in the form of solar panels and roof lanterns are the next innovative step. The warmth of the sun that is magnified through the glass will work as a natural form of heating. This will mean you won’t need to turn on your heating and spend your energy bills and this will also reduce your carbon footprint.

Companies like Clearview are at the forefront of its industry and roof lanterns are at the forefront of home improvement technology. This perfect match means they can bring to you the most advanced and top of the range products and services available.