Concrete garages provide the perfect opportunity to start up a new business venture, whether it be to kickstart a career or simply to make a bit of money the side. In fact, some of the biggest companies in the world started in a garage, including Apple, Amazon, Disney and Google. Many homeowners look to convert their concrete garage to maximise the space potential or their home and a new business is an excellent way to do this.

Concrete garages that are constructed by Dencroft Garages are perfect for a business start-up as the space they provide has many benefits. Concrete, as opposed to wood, has lots of natural properties that make it a suitable material for a home business. The contents of your garage will likely be very valuable which mean security is paramount. Concrete garages are extremely strong, secure and durable so you can be sure that everything inside is safe and well protected.

Concrete garages are also incredibly practical, the convenience of having a space at your home will really help your business grow in the in the early stages. Not having to travel and being able to work at any time will help you put more hours into your venture and also work when it is more convenient for you. Secondly, as you will have little or no overheads costs you will be able to charge for your services much cheaper than your competitors who will have to factor in rent costs into their prices.

Businesses That Can Be Started from A Concrete Garage

Furthermore, having a place to work that is detached from your home also has lots of bonuses that a spare room inside does not. You will be able to work later at night as you won’t have to worry about loud noises waking up your family. You will be more able to make a mess than you could in a house, things like sawdust will be less of an issue inside your garage. Also, there won’t be any distractions like they would be inside your family home. There are many types of business that can be started from the space that your concrete garage provides, these include:

Computer repair shop

To fix and repair broken computers all you need is the expertise, the basic tools and the space to do so.

Smart phone repair

Like with any eletcronic repairs you just need the know-how and the tools and you can simply fix them from your garage.

Pet grooming

With just a simple makeover of the interior of your concrete garage and making it pet friendly, you can set up a pet grooming business at home.

Freelance writer / web designer

Concrete garages work as excellent distraction-free spaces to undertake any work in a freelance capacity, all you need is a computer and electricity and desk space.

Beauty parlour

Whether this be in a hairdressing capacity or a beauty parlour you can do so in a converted garage. This also means helps the customer to feel more relaxed and create a more personal business touch than doing it in your kitchen.