Italy is a country of high beauty, the most atmospheric territory of Mediterranean world. This is a center of gastronomy and culture, fresh air and healthy food. The climate of Italy is perfect for different kinds of leisure. Coming for rest, it is important to find interesting and colorful hotel. You are offered to learn the names of the most beautiful hotels in Italy. Special for you!

Four Seasons, Florence

This hotel is considered to be the main hotel of lux class of Four Seasons Firenze brand. It shows the atmosphere of Florence – the city-museum. Two historic buildings dated of the 15-16th century are divided by the beautiful garden. You can see it just from the window of your hotel. In short, the hotel is decorated in Florentine style. This is the city sight now.

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan

The frescos are original, ancient. There is a big SPA-salon, restaurant and Botanic Garden near at hand. The garden occupies 4,5 hectares. The interior of the rooms is a copy of Renaissance style. You can find many sweet little things from the Renaissance epoch here and there. So, one of the most admirable hotels of Italy is also the real pearl of the country, the great example of style and elegance. What kind of room do you prefer? You may choose lux, decorated with frescos and wooden hollows, or two-leveled lux with the fantastic view from the window.

Hotel De Russie, Rome

The beautiful hotel with the strange name welcomes prominent artists, film stars, celebrities. All you should know about this chic hotel is not a location, service or design: the visiting card of the hotel is amazing garden, the miracle of gardening. This is a real oasis in the center of Rome. The name of it is the Secret Garden. The garden is not just the element of the hotel landscape, but the main impression from your visit.

It is really surprising to get to the cozy and quiet garden just from the noisy street in the center of the city. The cascade of gardens and terraces is the best romantic view ever. This is a place to make proposal, get married and organize the most impressive events. The visitors are welcomed in Stravinskij Bar. You may also choose elegant restaurant Le Jardin de Russie for big parties. There is a traditional bar, tea time and restaurant in the open air.

Hotel Danieli

Belmond Cipriani, Venice

Venice is a city of love. Every city detail is a romantic ode to beauty and love. The hotel combines the great elegance of classic grand-hotels and cozy romanticism of typical Venice hotels. There is a beautiful view to Venice Lagoon and Doge’s Palace. There is an open air swimming pool and tennis court. Belmond hotel includes the best restaurants in the city. If you like high cuisine, you should go to Oro. Porticciolo restaurant is the best place for business lunching. The windows of the roomy suits go to the garden and lagoon. It is better to hire a boat to get somewhere from the hotel.

Santavenere, Maratea

The boutique-hotel Santavenere is situated on the seashore of Maratea. This is a hotel for gourmands, hedonists and chic lovers. The main hotel advantage is comfortable location. It is situated in the territory of a huge private park not far from Punta Santavenere beach. It is better to get there from Napoli by plane, ship or car. There is also a special platform to land the helicopter.

You can see a fantastic view to azure bay with the numerous yachts from the hotel terrace. The room windows go to the green park and blue mountains. You can feel the herbal, citrus and flower aroma in the air. All rooms are organized with balcony and terrace. The historical hotel is rather popular place in Maratea. It was called the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the city of 44 churches and unique gardening zone. Santavenere and its fantastic views are popular for families, just married and super stars. Do you want romantic? The hotel servant organize romantic special for you.

The 34 rooms are cozy and atmospheric. People come here to relax, watch the elegance and fresh air. The interior is plain, but high class in every small detail. The cuisine is tasty: home-made pasta, bread, yogurts, seafood and grilled fish. There is also a special menu for dieting visitors, vegetarians and kids. SPA rituals, aesthetic procedures are offered at every step. Never forget to get some therapy for the surrounding nature: walking along the park, trekking, fresh breathing.

Verdura Resort, Sicily

Welcome to the hotel of new generation and healthy way of life. Hire a car in Catania and get to the hotel place as fast as possible. All prominent people have a strange habit to visit this Sicilian paradise at least twice a year to better their health. You are taught to better your health in the stylish and modern way. The specialists of the hotel SPA center make a special dieting program for you, including anti stress therapy, fresh air, reading books. The new global SPA program consists of making your body and spirit healthy: cosmetics are made of organic products, fitness classes and healthy diet.

Conoscere i Baccalà @ Four Season Firenze

If you are gourmand who is far from dieting, you should not worry about this fact. The restaurants and bars of the hotel have enough space for everyone. Want something hot and special?

This is a place of beautiful nature. You can enjoy the admirable views of a huge hotel territory. You know, it is difficult to go round the hotel territory in one day. The sea shore is 2 kilometers long. By the way, the hotel is specially located: it is situated not far from the popular Valle dei Templi, Antique Museum in the open air. The suits open a beautiful view to the golf fields, sea and garden, projected with the famous landscape designers. The hotel belongs to the world popular hotel chain Rocco Forte to be everything to a high standard.

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