One step can all make a difference. And at times, taking that one step depends on the shoes we are wearing. Some are loose; some are tight. But the perfect fit will always be the one who can help us walk through life. That is how important a shoe is. No matter what age, nor what perspective in life you are in, no one can really have too many shoes in their closet.

And so, to make things right and just, it is fairly acceptable for us, women to be a shoe addict and invest in different styles of shoes to match our everyday needs. Let’s start with the few styles of shoes listed below:

1. Winter boots

I know, summer is coming. But we just can’t take away those winter boots that are so comfy in our feet. So yes! You can still wear them in any given season. It depends on your mood. With its high heels, closed shoe boots design, it could match a billion outfits you can put through any day– from trousers to dresses to jeans. You name it! A classic black or brown could easily do wonders to any outfit you have on. And if you’ll experiment with things, you could even start a whole new fashion trend with furry winter boots.

2. Mules

Mule is a French word that means closed-toe backless shoes. These everyday shoes for women are usually made with leather and are highly classy in style. And without any difficulty, anyone could wear it by just sliding their feet in it. Because of this, it is perfect for the quick get-away look since its heels are also not that high so you can move around freely without any worries.

3. Low Heels Sandals

One of the lucky girls that are blessed with a great height? Being tall and wearing high heels doesn’t always match up perfectly. So what do tall women can wear? Low heels sandals are perfect for these situations. These sandals usually have heels not higher than 2 inches, so the wearer won’t need any sole cushions as they won’t experience any feet pain after a long day of running around. This is great for those women who wants to have low profiles.

4. Rubber Shoes

Rubber shoes are sneakers and running shoes combined into one. The comfort of wearing sneakers all around and the function of running shoes to sustain your mobility and phase is what keep rubber shoes so popular and highly in demand. Get your hands on these everyday shoes for women and get your day going without any feet issues to conquer.

5. Leather Shoes

As I suppose, all working women have these (or not?). Well, if you still haven’t worn any leather shoes, you’re missing out. Leather shoes are so mainstream due to their comfortable and breathable design. It’s a popular choice of many as it can also last longer than you think. For some women, buying leather shoes will allow you to enjoy more than what your money is worth. Besides, it is so useful in our everyday lives and can totally pull off a statement in every office outfit you are in.

6. Mary Janes

These are shoes with girly straps. Mary Janes are originally from America, and it has gotten its name from the character created by Richard Outcault named Mary Jane. But these shoes are described as a closed, low-cut shoes with one or more straps to seal your feet in it. At first look,you may think that it is for children only, yet, with the evolving world, these shoes are now also being worn by adults. Moreover, Mary Janes can fit your needs for either casual or formal occasion so owning a pair would give you plenty of benefits

7. Slippers

So cute and comfy! Yup, you can be excited to go home so you can finally be able to wear your favorite slippers. Either it’s made with fur, cotton, rubber or designed with different cartoon characters, slippers are a necessity shoes for women. Slippers are intended for indoors yet, also works great for outdoors. Make sure to buy the cutest designs and make your rest days a more relaxing one.

Well, you know, life is too short for ugly shoes. There are a lot of styles to choose from. So why suffer from wearing an awful one your whole life? Start bringing life onto your feet again and shop the shoes listed above. As with being a shoe-a-holic, let necessity be a reason for it. And when you do, happiness will just be a few inches away.

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