Hair styles are growing in popularity and once tried may result in a fashion trend that was never expected. However, many people prefer to retain the same style for a long time. This results in redundant hairstyles that no longer pull at the masses. Therefore, it is important to know the best hairstyles and show dynamism in the styles you select. This will ensure you remain fashionable, interesting and above all, the attention goes to hair. Who doesn’t feel special when told: your hair is amazing, which stylist did it? Well here are the top 5 hairstyles for girls and women that you should try out at least once in a while or just once.

1. Pixie cut

The hairstyle indicates strong personality, dynamism and versatility in the woman wearing it. The cut is one of the most dynamic hairstyle for women with short hair. However, many are afraid to try it out as it is associated with strongly opinionated people who express their minds regardless of the position or situation they are in. Personally, this style knocks me off in regards to its suitability, fashion test and I respect the women who wear it and are comfortable in it. In addition, it makes a person look and feel younger and you can play with it as you want. You can make the front part of your pixie cut a bit longer, hem the edges and put them around or behind your ears, soften the flow of the cut on your back so that it is smooth and voila! You have the best look in town. This is one of the best hairstyles for women.

2. Sleek long hairstyle

This type of hairstyle and hair cut used to be one of the most used and most worn hairstyle around the world. However, women today prefer to have curly and wavy hair on their heads rather than straight hair. This doesn’t mean that if you have long, sleek and well cut hair, you are out of fashion; it only means that you value the look. In addition, if you do, ensure that you wear it long and down and use it to heighten your fashion sense. Furthermore, long straight hair has a lot to offer i.e. it gives people with round faces a slimming look, can be worn to complement any face shape and it can be used tom brighten and show a person’s fashion knowledge and expertise.

3. Bangs that are layered

Having your hair cut in bangs and then layered in terms of styling is one of the best and most loved hairstyles for women. This is mainly because it can be worn by anyone and brings out their versatility, beauty and attractiveness. The style is said to add volume and the perceived hair movement is increased indicating ones sophistication and elegance. In addition, this style involves and includes having longer top layer hair than that which is underneath. It is unique and attractive defining the wearer with the same terms used to describe it.

4. Lobs that are razored

This hairstyle has an edgy allure to it as sit pulls attention and garners all the eyes towards it. The flattery it offers to a person is one that cannot be dismissed especially the long hair designed in this style. Apart from indicating or showing off a person as a young and versatile person, the hairstyle also offers distinct opportunities in terms of styling options. From ponytails to changing your hair appearance such as color, sleekness and creating hair end, separations are just of the chances you are open to if using this specific style.

5. Bob

This is an interesting hairstyle that leaves you feeling revitalized and refreshed at all times. The design is said to bring out the attractiveness of the wearer and their confidence and strong personality vibes. This is mainly because not many people can cut their hair that short and still feel proud of their look. In addition, the hairstyle offers extra possibilities and hairstyle changes if designed or cut in this style. Some of the styles you are open to include layering, curling or waves, asymmetrical hairstyles, sleek and many others.


Hairstyles are diverse and their sleekness, beauty and their way of complementing your face and fashion sense is dependent on how the hair is cut. Haircuts should therefore be done precisely, carefully and to match or complement the wearer. That way, there will no accidental looks, which result in disaster but new inventions that lead to fashion trends and increased popularity. Be up-to-date with the latest hairstyles and improve your general hairstyles with a single read.

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