Growth and development in children brings its own challenges that are sometimes hard to cope with. One of the challenges is precocious puberty that occurs in children earlier than the right or normal period for changes to occur. A child may start experiencing signs like breast enlargement for girls at the age of 4 to 8, which is considered to be precocious puberty. In most cases, parents are lost at what to do and the challenge increases if their children don’t know how to cope with the changes that are happening. Here are some tips and ways on how to cope with precocious puberty in children.

Breach the subject

Many are the times that we find it difficult to talk to our kids. Children trust you more as a parent than any other person, which makes it easier for you to breach the subject. Gently and carefully not to offset their mood or balance, it is important to enquire from them and see what they know in regards to the subject i.e. changes occurring in their bodies. Remember that they are young and their brains haven’t developed to a stage or level where they could understand whatever it is happening. Early puberty in girls is especially hard to deal with as they are prone to being teased, bullied and many can result in low self-esteem and disgust with their bodies. Breaching the subject assists in dealing with such issues and letting them know, it is a normal process.


As the child explains and gives you information on what they think it is happening, it is essential that you correct their misconceptions. This ensures that your child has hard facts, especially for girls who can duped and abused. Use materials that children identify with such as diagrams with illustrations or others if their mental development has grown and gone past their age such that they can grasp what you are discussing. This makes sure that the child understands what is happening and can be able to avoid any unpleasantness that can result especially if being bullied or teased.

Dealing with bullies and bullying situations

Undergoing precocious puberty result to the child being subject of ridicule by friends and other people especially age mates in school or in the community. Offering support by ensuring that the child seeks adult assistance if bullied, role playing to ensure that the child has a defense mechanism against the bullies that does not deter their integrity as a child. Giving a child enough space, listening and talking after they have related the story i.e. what happened and soliciting their suggestions on what to do and not trying to fix the problem as the parent is the best approach. Apart from ensuring that the child grows and matures in a good way, it gives you and your child a chance to bond and share information with each other crucial to their growth.


Early puberty in girls is a much more likely scenario than early puberty in boys. Therefore, it is fundamental to keep track of your child’s friends and assist them in developing a circle of friends that are supportive. In addition, ensuring that the circle has friends that accept each other is essential. Be updated on your child’s environment and encouraging interactions that are positive in nature minimizes chances of being bullied in cases of precocious puberty. Remaining in the playing board even from a distance ensures you monitor your child, her friends and chip in when necessary.

Outside support

Sometimes, it is difficult to manage cases of early puberty in girls without assistance. Having outside support is sometimes what a person needs and meeting other children in the same situation may offer support not only to the child but also to the parent. In addition, you can seek medical attention, which is advised against. However, if talking and sharing of information is required to get the child or parent to open up and deal with the situation, then it is advised. Furthermore, many families are facing similar challenges and socializing with them offers solutions helping you to cope much better.


Precocious puberty is a natural disorder that allows maturity to come earlier than normal. However, it is not a curse or a medical condition. Dealing with it in a way that it does not affect the child negatively is what matters. The above tips and factors can help you in coping up if your child is undergoing precocious puberty. There is no need to be alarmed; use the tips given and you and your child will be okay.

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