For a long time, a woman’s beauty has been associated with her hair. In fact, most women greatest asset is their hair. Most women have gone a step further, to search for products that can make their hair grow longer. No, doubt, many women love that long, sexy, silky and healthy hair. This long hair at times becomes incredibly difficult to style it in a way that it keeps off from their beautiful faces. Other times it becomes pretty annoying especially when they are working and all they want is to keep it off from their face. Others feel that their facial characteristics are usually hidden by their long hair. Even a single hair strand may become a bother to any woman who wants to focus on her duties. This should not hinder any woman from growing her hair long. Below are 10 easy, classy, neat and chic ways any woman should try to style her hair without covering her face.

1. Clip The Hair Back

Clipping your hair back is a gorgeous hairstyle for Women that enables the hair to freely flow down without covering the entire face. This style is achieved by taking small portion of hair that normally bothers the face and dividing it into sections right from the scalp. The hair is pulled back without stretching it too tight. A clip is used to clip the edges of the stretched hair. You may use something fancier such as decorated clips, clicker clips or even bobby pins.

2. Use Of a Hairdo

A neat and perfect hairdo is a great way of styling our hair down without obstructing your face. Hair is held and styled into a braid or a ponytail at the middle of the head using a hair band allowing the tail to fall freely at the back; it is hassle and classy. The style can be worn during office hours at school or during the gym sessions.

3. Use Of Hair Gels

Hair gel is ideal for restraining you hair from falling on the face. It is only applied to strands that keeps on bothering your face firmly while keep the rest to fall freely on the side or at the back.

4. Use Of Hair Comb Accessory

Hair comb accessory is not the normal comb used routinely to comb the hair. It is a special accessory used to style the hair and remains temporarily in the hair. Neatly, draw the edges of all the edge hairs backwards that keeps on falling on you face and firmly push the accessory comb on the head where the hair edges meet to hold them in place.

5. Use Of Hair Sprays

This is a simple, neat and a popular hair style for women.Simply brush or comb the disturbing hair backwards and thoroughly spray it with your favorite spray. The spray enables the hair to stay in place for a while depending on the strength of your hair spray. For greater and added assurance, during windy days, clips may be used together with the spray.

6.Basic Braiding

Braiding is a neat and classic hairstyle that is always on fashion. Braids perfectly keep your hair out of your face and in place when you are working. Braids are well styled leaving a good proportion falling freely sideways or at the back. The style looks quite elegant when worn with casual outfits.

7. The Half-Up Top Knot

Half-up top knots styles are classy hair styles for women deal for styling your hair off from your face while the rest flows freely. The front hair is pulled up and gathered near your heads crown. It is then secured with elastic. The hair is twisted to a half pony and then pinned in place. The hair on the side is left to fall freely on the shoulders. This style is preferred by many women, especially when their hair is not in an urgent need of washing but they want it off from their face.

8. Use Of Headbands

Adding a headband is a super, easy and elegant way to wear you long hair down without irritating you face with hair edges. The headband covers a small front space while the rest of your hair flows freely at the back and over your shoulders. The method is most suitable for any woman who is short on time.

9. Use Of a Head Wrap

A head wrap can be worn differently depending on individuals taste. In this case, a head wrap is neatly used to wrap your head leaving your hair to fall freely on the sides and at the back stylishly. This accessory adds pop and glamour to your looks.


The above ways of styling hair can be achieved in the shortest time possible. It is evident that, when it comes to achieving the styles you don’t need any expensive, crazy technique or tool to rock any super glamorous style. All you need is one or two simple clips, a comb, touch of your favorite product, head wrap and a stylist in case of braiding. Look fabulous, glamorous, simple and trendy with the above styles that highlight your beautiful facial features.

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