Moisturizer is very essential to your skin. It provides the skin with protection and has rehydrating capabilities to help the skin feel and look healthy. However, it should be known that there are various moisturizer types for different body parts. For instance, facial moisturizers are specially designed for the face and contain necessary ingredients that fight the harsh conditions the face encounters daily. Usually, facial moisturizers are water-based, and this ensures that they don’t clog the pores.

Facial moisturizer application

The best moisturizer for women is one that is in a position to plump up your skin and help minimize wrinkles and fine lines appearance. Additionally, it should be able to protect your skin against various weather effects such as wind and heat. Moreover, your moisturizer should be able to increase your skin’s water content to ensure it stays hydrated. Here are the top 5 ways to apply moisturizer for every woman.

1. Thoroughly wash the face prior moisturizer application

Skin care experts recommend washing the face before the process of moisturizer application is commenced. This helps remove any dirt and other forms of debris from the surface of your skin. Most importantly, it helps open up the pores to allow moisturizer work effectively. Therefore, consider having a proper skin care routine where you wash your face at least twice per day. You may want to wash the face once after you’ve woken up (in the morning) and immediately prior going to bed (in the evening). Before applying your moisturizer, make sure you rinse and pat the face using a clean towel. This should be done before the skin completely dries.

2. Placing the right moisturizer amount in your hand

Don’t make a mistake of applying too much or too little moisturizer. Additionally, you should note that every moisturizer type comes with special application instructions that should be followed for it to work. Thinner best moisturizers for women tend to dry into your skin faster. Therefore, they need to be used in larger portions. On the other hand, thick moisturizers are able to cover larger skin portions for just a little dollop.
After using the recommended moisturizer amount, but discover that it is either not enough or too much, change your way of usage. Consider using the provided amount as the guideline or a starting point. You can always find guidelines on the product’s label.

3. Dab moisturizer onto particular parts of the face

Consider using your first two fingers to apply moisturizer dabs onto the face. Make sure you apply your face’s key dry areas including the nose, neck, chin, cheeks and the forehead. It is advisable not to apply moisturizer to these areas if they are oily. Additionally, remember to include the neck in your moisturizing and washing routines.

4. Spread your moisturizer thoroughly to cover the other parts of your face

After dabbing your moisturizer on the above mentioned key areas, you will want to spread it to other parts too and do so using your first two fingers. To ensure that you’ve perfectly spread your moisturizer, use first two fingers with both hands and spread outwards and upwards from each dab. To make sure that your best moisturizer for women blends into the skin perfectly, spread it using swirling motions. It is easier to begin from the neck and slowly work your way to the face and finally the forehead. For maximum results, use this spreading technique each time you apply your moisturizer.

5. Consider allowing your moisturizer to completely dry prior makeup application

After you are done blending your moisturizer to the face, don’t rush into doing something else. Instead, allow sometime for it to dry approximately 1 to 2 minutes. Once the moisturizer is completely dry, and inside your face, you are free to apply other beauty products on your skin such as makeup. If you use sunscreen, make sure you apply it after the moisturizer. Most importantly, ensure that the sunscreen you are using is meant for your skin to avoid clogging your pores.

Choosing the right moisturizer

Choose your moisturizer bearing in mind the type of your skin. There are various skin types including dry, normal, oily, mature and sensitive skins and all these skin types have special moisturizers that work best for them.


Most women don’t know how to apply their moisturizers correctly. Start by finding out your type of skin and choose the right moisturizer. From there you can use this information to apply your moisturizer for maximum results.

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