Emmy Award-winning actress Jennifer Aniston has poured cold water on the rumors of a possible Friends reunion. She played down the rumors of the return of the series by impossibility given the contemporary age where a lot of technological gizmos have grazed the market. More specifically, she ‘blamed’ the modern cell phones that have taken over almost every aspect of contemporary life style. Two or three people cannot sit around each other without turning to their smartphones to check their Facebook notification or WhatsApp conversations. We live in a fast transforming world where people pay attention to trending news segments and hot topics without caring about what happened to them. The point is, chances are high that someone might not even know about Friends or of its existence. Let’s get us on the same page.

The Friends Show

The Friends Show was one of the most popular NBC’s sitcom TV shows that aired between 1994 to 2004 following its end after a run of 10 consecutive seasons. It had a total of 236 episodes. The show featured actors; Courteney Cox who played Monica Geller, Lisa Kudrow who portrayed Phoebe Buffay, Matt LeBlanc who played character Joey Tribbianni, Matthew Perry who played Chandler Bling and David Schwimmer who acted the character of Ross Geller. Jennifer Aniston on the other hand played the character of Rachel Green, Monica’s best friend who had a passion for fashion. The show had a total of six lead characters. Each of the first nine seasons had a total of 24 episodes except for the tenth season which had 18. On the question of a re-run, it appears that Aniston was not alone in refuting the distant possibility of such a scenario occurring again despite pleas from the sitcom’s fans; the other five lead actors also mirrored her sentiments.

In Aniston’s Defense

The NBC’s popular Friends sitcom brought feelings of nostalgia to its viewers including the actress herself. In an interview with ITV, she flashed back on the wonderful memories and experiences she had while she was a member of one of the most popular TV shows of the 90s. According to the 47-year old actress, there was something about the period when the show aired. Something that could not be explained, but rather ought to be experienced to be appreciated. Something, which according to her could not be replicated in the modern world, primarily due to the way technology that has made people slaves of their addiction. Aniston draws a comparison between filming in now and filming in the 90s, and to her, the contrast is a very sharp one. Earlier on when filming the series she recounts the difficulty with which they had to shoot episodes which involved working with guest actors and performing in front of live audiences. It is these difficulties that she feels cannot be replicated when attempting a re-run of the show, today.

Even though Aniston feels that the sitcom reunion cannot be a possibility at the moment, she nevertheless recognized its impact to the public stating that the show was like a haven for many who wanted for distraction following stressful calendar of events. In a recap of her words she said:

“Not only was it a gift for us, but it’s something people have been able to carry with them. Its comfort food and it makes them feel better when they are feeling down when they want to distract themselves.”

In a surprising similarity of opinions, one of the sitcom’s co-creator, Marta Kauffman also had the opinion that the show could not be replicated again and that it was high time the public gave up on the hope altogether. Furthermore, Kauffman also hinted that at the impossibility of the situation stating that her primary focus is on the Grace and Frankie show which stars Jane Fonda alongside Lily Tomlin. To her, the show is in itself a recap of the anticipated Friends sitcom and that the only thing different about it is the name and time frame but otherwise, all she accomplished to do on the 90s series is the same thing she is trying to replicate in the new television show Grace and Frankie. From a personal note, Kauffman is aiming at not only providing viewers with an experience they lost more than 12 years ago but also at fulfilling a personal wish of experiencing the fun she had at Friends.


While fans may be going crazy for a re-run of the show, it remains to be seen whether their wish will be fulfilled. If in any case, the rerun is to take place it will most certainly comprise of a different set of actors and directors because the show’s current ones (including Jennifer Aniston) have bid it farewell.

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