Cosmetic products and makeups are designed to enhance your look and make you look attractive with a gorgeous look. However, makeups can make you look terrible depending on the quality of the product and how it is applied. When eyeliner is applied at its best, it can define and bring out clearly your eye features, making you look beautiful and attractive. There are different ways to apply eyeliner to get various makeup look. Here are the tips on how to apply your eyeliner and have that wonderful look:

1. Select Your Eyeliner

Beauty experts recommend eye makeup tips for first choosing the makeup that you intend to use and then know the steps to follow in its application. Eyeliner is applied on the base of your lashes to accentuate your features and it is available in various type. There is pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner and permanent eyeliner. It is recommended you try each type to see which one is suitable for you.

Liquid Eye Liner

This is made for use above your eye lashes top. The Liquid can easily flow to unintended areas and it requires skills and watchfulness when applying it. After applying liquid eyeliner, give it time to dry before opening up your eyes.

Eye Liner Pencil

Pencil eye liner is easier to use but you have to be careful to avoid injuring your eyes fragile tissues with its hard tip. Stretch our eyelids when using it to enable smooth application. Remember to sharpen the pencil before applying this eye liner to avoid transfer of bacteria and dirt that might have accumulated on the tip.

Permanent Eye Liner

This is an invasive procedure and it is achieved via cosmetic surgery. A defined line is added on your lids using a handled device. Your skin is punctured several times and a color pigment is pushed on the desired position.

2. Apply The Eyeliner

After selecting the eyeliner, use these eye makeup tips to modify and define your eyes and get a gorgeous look.

Fine Lining

This look is created using a firm pencil with a creamy texture. Make a drawing of a soft line starting from the inner layers of your bottom and top eyelid corners. The line should go halfway and finish the other half using a mascara. This will give you a youthful appearance that is pretty attracting.

Smudged And Smokey Eyes

This brings out a great look for the evening. Use a creamy melting kohl pencil. Draw a line close to your lashes and make it thick on both lids. To make the look more pronounced make a clear line all around your eyes. Using the pencil tip, dot your upper lash tips to have an extra illusion. Use your finger to gently smudge and finish the look by applying eye-shadow. Use a cotton bud to tidy up smears on your lids.

Cat’s Eye

The best eyeliner for use on this look is a liquid eyeliner. A black or brown color will look stunning and classic. Steady your hands when applying this liner to avoid spreading it to the wrong areas. Let your elbow rest on a steady table or bench to make you comfortable when applying makeup. Use one hand to hold the liner and the one to apply the liner. Finish the look using mascara on your eye outer edges.

Fun And Colorful

Colored eyeliner makes you bold and attractive. Find a color, which pleases you and brings out your features clearly. There is professional eye makeup tips to blend different colors and look attractive. Apply it on either the outer corners or the inner corners of your eyes. To bring out a glamorous look wear a lipstick that will complement your look.

Brighten Up

There is a professional way to blend different colors and come up with an outstanding look. Mixing colors needs skills and expertise to avoid having an exaggerated look. Select colors that can complement each other. Apply the colors careful to avoid crossing over to unintended areas.


Application of makeup can either give you an attractive look or make you look awful according to how you apply. It is not a must to visit a beauty expert for you to have your makeup done and have a gorgeous look. You can apply it yourself just like a professional if you follow the required instructions. The overall outlook after applying eyeliner depends on the quality of the product used and how you apply it. You just need to be confident and have some skills on how to perfectly apply it. Select a color that matches with your skin tone to make you look fabulous and like a pro in makeups.

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