Celebrities are associated with confidence, beauty and trend making fashion styles, which extends to their hairstyles. Women tend to follow them to the final detail. However, not all celebrity hairstyles are perfect for a specific individual. Furthermore, your hair types, length, texture, thickness or color may differ. This makes it impossible to emulate a specific hairstyle from your favorite personality or celebrity. Therefore, identifying the best celebrity hairstyle for your hair is the way to go and a solution for your hairstyle challenges. To start you off, here are some of the top 5 celebrity hairstyles you will definitely want to put on.

1. Mollie King’s Messy Undone Appearance

This is one of the best medium hairstyles for women as it brings out an individual’s fun side in their personality. It promotes the feeling of excitement especially if attending an event at the beach or in a club. In addition, it is respectful and elegant regardless of its simplicity. Mollie King brings out this undone type of hair with sleek endings showing her easy going nature. In addition, it is easy and simple to wear. All you have to do is blow dry your hair and use a spray to improve the texture of the hair. The spray also separates the endings ensuring you achieve the undone look or appearance. For the final touch, you are advised to comb your hands through the hair and not use a comb and the final look will be amazing.

2. Jessica Alba’s Sleek Hairstyle

Jessica Alba wore the best hairstyle for medium length hair when attending the MET ball. The elegance, sophistication and yet the simplicity involved in achieving the hairstyle is amazing. This is definitely a hairstyle you don’t want to miss and one you will want to wear to any event or date. The style is meant to lengthen your neck while adding a point and advancing your appearance and beauty a notch higher. Furthermore, it makes quite easy to change the hairstyle when tired of this specific one. All you have to do is change the hairstyle parting it in the other direction or you wish.

3. Nicole Kidman Flatter

Many are the times that hairstyles are used with the aim of cutting down an individual’s age by two. This has been evidenced by Nicole Kidman’s hairstyle when attending the Annual Academy Awards. She has redefined the medium hairstyles for women aimed at having an anti-aging effect. With the gorgeous, swept over hairstyle that flatters ones figure, facial beauty, you are sorted out for the next generation. Check out the style as you don’t want to miss out on all that it offers as time goes by.

4. Pixie Geldof Waves

If interested in a more sophisticated, classy and status indicating appearance, the Pixie Geldof hairstyle when attending the Elle Style awards in one you want to keep. However, it is difficult to achieve that look and will require more time awarded to maintaining the general appearance than any other hairstyle discussed above. This is because the waves have to appear faultless and smooth as time goes. In addition, the style is high maintenance and if you are a budget woman, this should be a onetime look. However, if able to maintain it, be assured of the perfect look every time you step out and it the public’s eye.

5. Emma Stone’s Wavy Bob

Every time you are freaking out regards to how to wear your medium hair, think of Emma Stone and her wavy bob. Displayed as she attended the Vanity fair Oscar Party in 2015, you will be relied to know the potential your medium hair has in regards to potential and new hairstyles. The wavy bob is certainly one of the perfect medium hairstyles for women. In addition, the wavy bob indices versatility, dynamism and personality to it. You can style it anyway you want as time goes. Furthermore, it simple and does not require high maintenance as you can wear it straight or tonged. Check out Emma Stone’s hairstyles and be amazed by the range of hairstyles and other celebrity hairstyles similar you won’t ever want to let go.


Hairstyles are quite dynamic as the industry is similar to that of clothes. In addition, new styles are being developed and displayed and you may be timed out. However, do not worry about it. All you have to do is remained logged in and ensure you are notified of changes in the fashion industry. This will ensure that you also receive the trending hairstyles and some of them will definitely be difficult to let go.

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