Having dark circles around the eyes is the chief cosmetic complaint of women and men alike. And the worst thing about dark circles is that it can affect just about anyone, regardless of age! That’s why you may still be young, but your dark circles will already make you look older than your age.

If you wish to regain your youthful look back, you need to find a way to cure dark circles! According to some researchers, there are foods that contain vitamins and minerals that can cure dark circles. If you wish to get rid of those dark circles, then you should incorporate these foods into your diet.

So what are these foods? These are as follows:

1. Cucumber

When it comes to taking care of the eyes, we are all aware that cucumber is the king! It is not just a great food to place in your eyes to ease puffiness—it is also a natural diuretic that can help flush out excess water from the body. Eating cucumber is recommended if you are used to a high sodium diet.

Keep in mind that too much salt may cause water retention which may lead to eye puffiness and dark circles. By flushing out the excess water, you can be able to cure dark circles!

2. Blackcurrant

Japanese researchers from Hirosaki University has discovered that black currant is one of the best fruits that can cure dark circles. How is this so? Well, this is because of the anthocyanin content of this fruit. These substances can improve blood flow to the eyes and boost oxygen delivery to our tissues. All of which can prevent the formation of dark circles around the eyes.

3. Salmon

This fish contains a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids which is known for its ability to reduce the risk of heart diseases. But in addition to its cardiovascular diseases, these fatty acids are also known to boost skin health by hydrating the skin, especially the delicate eye area. It also has amazing brightening effects that can cure dark circles.

Aside from consuming salmon, you can also boost your intake of omega-3 fatty acids by taking supplements or incorporating flaxseeds to your diet.

4. Citrus fruits

When your skin is dry, it is at risk of dark circles. That’s why the best way to cure dark circles is to ensure that the delicate eye area is well hydrated and properly moisturized. That’s where the citrus fruits can help you with. These fruits are rich in vitamin C that can help in boosting production of collagen—a substance that firms, moisturizes and hydrates the skin.

Aside from citrus fruits, other foods that are rich in vitamin C that you should incorporate into your diet include mustard green, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, chili peppers and many more.

5. Vitamin K Rich Foods

In addition to vitamin C, vitamin K is also another vitamin that can help get rid of dark circles naturally. Sometimes, the hyperpigmentation surrounding our eye area is caused by poor blood circulation. Vitamin K can help promote blood circulation to that area, diminishing the appearance of dark circles. In addition to that, Vitamin K has healing properties that can aid in the recovery of the damaged arteries and capillaries which are easily seen through the thin eye skin area which makes the dark circles more prominent. In addition to its skin health benefits, vitamin K can also help keep osteoporosis at bay.

Some of the vitamin K rich foods that you should take advantage of are spinach, prunes, cabbage, coriander, lettuce, spring onions, beets, basil leaves, okra, yogurt, garbanzos beans and many more.

But Don’t Forget About Your Skin Care Regimen Too!

In addition to consuming the foods mentioned above, you should also not forget to practice good skin care regimen, and that means you have to be careful in choosing the products you apply to your skin too. Make sure to use products that are specially designed for dark circles.

When choosing eye products, opt for one that contains peptides, vitamins and anti-aging ingredients that keep aging at bay– like the Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream which fights not only dark circles but puffy eyes and wrinkles as well.

Take care of your eyes! They say that it is the window to our soul! You would not want everyone to think that your soul is already tired and aging, right?

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